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General info about LEI code

The requirement for companies engaged in transactions in the European Transactional Markets involving all kinds of securities, stock and Bonds, was put in place in 2014.

LEI stands for Legal Entity Identifier. The framework that governs this requirement is the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR). This framework also governs all legal Entities that perform transactions. This includes companies limited by shares or Guarantee, Trusts and charities and other organizations recognized as legal entities under the Law. An LEI number is a unique identification code based on the global International Standard Organization 17442 Standard.

The code is made up of 20 characters. Its Alphanumeric Nature makes it easier for the Authorities to be able to identify all individual legal entities making transactions. The requirement for all legal entities to register for LEI Codes has made the Global Financial market more transparent and stable.


Who is required to get an LEI code?

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Who runs LEI Certificate Australia?

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Using our LEI form enables you to renew an already existing LEI Certificate in 2 minutes.
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Our 5 years renewal plan is 75A$ per year. We also help you transfer an existing LEI Code if you desire to do so.

Who needs an LEI code?

Every legal entity involved in financial transactions needs an LEI code. These legal entities include companies, Trusts, charities and any other organization recognized under the Law as a legal or Juristic entity.

Both Europe and the USA have similar requirements mandating legal entities to register for LEI codes. EU directives such as EMIR, MiFIR and MiFID II have provisions to this effect.

When is LEI not required?

There are scenarios in which the LEI code is not required. For instance, when companies have a Capital Insurance Deposit, there is no strict requirement for an LEI number as it is not the company that stands as a formal owner. Rather it is the Insurance company that takes up the roles and responsibilities that accrue to ownership. However, if the company wishes to carry out other kinds of securities transaction despite the existence of the capital insurance deposit, an LEI code will be required.

An LEI is also not required when unlisted shares or unlisted fund shares are being traded. Similarly, it is also not required when trading listed bonds or corporate certificates. It should always be remembered that the requirements of LEI codes only apply to corporate legal entities, not individuals. Thus, trading as an individual will exempt you from the requirement.

LEI code prices

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267A$ (89A$/year)

LEI 5 years
Register/renewal 5 years

375A$ (75A$/year)

Transfer LEI code

LEI codes are very scalable. As a result of the difference in price between service providers, you may decide to transfer your LEI Code to another provider.
Since LEI Certificate is one of the best service providers in Europe especially concerning pricing, you may want to transfer your LEI code and renew through us.
This is possible and a transfer will take approximately 7 days to effect.


GLEIF is also known as Global Legal Entry Identifier Foundation and it is the international organization that runs the LEI system. It keeps the system operative and monitors the Market’s accredited publishers. GLEIF was founded in the year 2014 and its headquarters are in Switzerland. It was in this sake year that the first LEI number requirements were introduced.

GLEIF keeps and updates the Global LEI Index which is a register of all existing LEI codes. GLEIF has many connected and accredited Local Operating Units(LOU:s). These local operating Units serve as a platform for Registered Agents that provide a service for registering LEI codes. Our service provider, LEI Register is one of these Agents.

How an LEI number works

An LEI Number is an identification module for companies and organizations who are in the financial market. It also provides access to information concerning those behind the running of the company.

GLEIF issues of these LEI numbers. Registration of the codes is however done by local operating Units and other service providers. The LEI code structure is the same for all LEI numbers with the first four digits indicating which LOU issued the code. The succeeding digits after this are usually two zeros (00). This is succeeded by a unique combination of letters that represent the company and finally, control numbers are the last digits that make up the code structure.