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    About LEI Certificate Australia

    LEI Certificate is a website whose purpose is to reduce the challenges associated with LEI code registration to the minimum. It aims to make the entire process easier for companies and all legal entities involved in transactions in the financial market. LEI Certificate provides you with an LEI code registration service that is powered by LEI Register™, which is a recognised service provider for the accredited LEI publisher, RapidLEI. It is important that we clarify that LEI Certificate on its own is not a service provider neither is it an LOU. It is merely a marketing outlet for LEI Registration,  LEI Renewal and LEI Transferral. LEI Certificate is a product from the Swedish company 7 Out Media, which sees to its daily operation.

    LEI Register™ pays commission to 7 Out Media (organisation number: 559197-2335) for each LEI Registration completed by the company.


    At LEI Certificate, we aim at contributing with an excellent platform for Registration of LEI codes and Renewal of same. We also ensure that there is never an information deficit on LEI code registration and every other thing in-between. We ensure that there is a robust supply of information to those who are interested in learning what an LEI number is all about and how they can utilise it for their businesses.

    Since we are not a service provider of LEI codes ourselves, we exempt ourselves from all liability regarding the registration, renewal and transferral of LEI codes. In addition to this, we assume responsibility for every typographical or factual error that may occur on the site.

    Nevertheless, our goal is to try to the best of all ability to ensure the accuracy of every piece of information that is posted on the site and by so doing, contribute to a better knowledge and understanding of LEI codes and Registration.


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