Transfer LEI code in 2 minutes

We help you to transfer your LEI code from another provider to us.
The free transferal is done within a week and your Legal Entity Identifier is active during the complete transfer procedure.

How to transfer LEI

register LEI

Send in your application for LEI transferral

The application is free and you can choose to both transfer and renew your LEI  code

Pay your LEI

Processing of your application

Your application will be processed by LEI Register™. Transfer of your LEI Number will be completed within 7 days


Transfer confirmation

The transfer of your LEI will be completed and you will receive a notification to that effect; a transferral confirmation

Every legal entity that has an LEI code is at liberty to transfer to another service supplier.
This is so that you can get the service and quality you desire if your current service provider isn’t serving you anymore.
Another major reason to move your Legal Entity Identifier is cost-effectiveness.
Transfer from one service provider to another is usually free of charge.

Transfer LEI for FREE

At LEI Certificate, we offer you free LEI code transfer. Transferring your LEI number to us will help you greatly minimize cost. If your LEI code is registered at some other provider, you stand a chance of saving 50% by switching over to our provider. Our transfer services are completely free of charge.

What makes our services stand out?

  • Unlike many of the leading LEI Service providers in Australia, we do not charge you a higher price than necessary for the registration and renewal of LEI codes
  • Our customers do not have to pay a separate GLEIF fee in addition to the service providers fee. Our Issuing or renewal prices encompass all other charges.

It is important to understand that there is no universal price for LEI codes. Each service provider has the liberty to decide what to charge for their LEI registration. The GLEIF fee of $11 is the only universal charge. The rest of the charges are fixed by each service provider for the administration of the LEI code. Understanding this will help you know when your service provider is over-charging.

It is as a result of this that we offer you the chance to transfer your LEI so you can renew at a reasonable price. Kindly feel the above form to transfer your LEI to us and get excellent service at very affordable prices.


How do I transfer LEI?

How long will the LEI transfer take?

What does it cost to transfer LEI?

Why is LEI Certificate best suited for the job?

Can I renew LEI as I transfer it?

50% cheaper than our competitors

LEI Certificate registers your LEI code for half the price charged by other service providers.
If you are interested in more affordable services, you are welcome to transfer your LEI number to us.
The transfer is fast and completely free of charge.

What payments are included in the cost?

Although Transfer to our service provider is cost-free, if you are also renewing your LEI, you will have to pay a fixed renewal fee. Here at LEI Certificate, we charge our clients the same amount for both registration and renewal. We also maintain a strict transparency policy in our Pricing. We have no hidden additional costs. All fees are included in the renewal fee. This is quite different from what is obtainable with most of our competitors who add the GLEIF fee on top of the price. The only cost remotely similar to these additional costs is VAT.

We offer some of the best prices on the market for LEI. However, if you want to maximize the cost-effectiveness that comes with our brand, we suggest that you renew your LEI for multiple years at a go. With LEI Certificate, you can renew your LEI code for as little as 75A$ per year.