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How to renew your LEI code

register LEI
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Pay your LEI
Make payment for validation

You will have to pay for the renewal of your code before LEI Register™ can validate your application

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Renewal of LEI

If you need your LEI to be valid then, you will need to renew it every year.
This is because each renewal lasts for one year.
Thus, LEI renewal is a very important legal entities that trade securities.
LEI Certificate Australia gives you the cheapest prices for your LEI renewal.
What’s more? You can renew your code for 1 year, 3 years or 5 years.
Renewing your LEI Code for 5 years will cost you only 375A$(GLEIF’s $11 annual fee inclusive) plus VAT.

How LEI renewals work

Renewal of the LEI code is a prerequisite for all legal entities that wish to continue making transactions in the financial market. The code is only valid for either 1 year, 3 years or 5 years after which the holder of an existing LEI code will have to make payments to renew the code if he must keep trading.

You will be precluded from applying for a new code once your LEI number has expired but, you can renew your expired code. This is because apart from being the companies Pass to carrying out transactions in the financial market, it is also a unique mode of identification for the individual companies. Thus, when it is assigned, it cannot be changed but, renewal is possible. Services like a renewal for your Legal Entity Identifier are available on our site for favourable prices.

GLEIF keeps a database of all LEI codes. To discover whether your LEI code has expired or when it will expire, simply type in this database by inputting the unique alpha-numeric code assigned to your company by GLEIF.

If your company has become inactive in the Securities market, there is neither any need to conduct a search or to renew the code. Unless you would like to participate in the trading of securities again, in which case you will need to keep your Legal Entity Identifier active.


When do I need to renew my LEI code?

What should I do if my Legal Entity Identifier has expired?

Can I renew an LEI for more than 1 year?

Who needs an LEI renewal?

What is the cost of renewing an LEI code?

As a legal entity that intends to continue being active in the Securities Market, you need to maintain an active LEI code.
An LEI code is active for one year. This means that if your LEI code was issued on 12-09-2020, it must be renewed before 12-09-2021.
LEI Certificate makes it possible for you to renew for multiple years (a maximum of 5 years).
When you renew for multiple years with LEI Certificate, the responsibility to keep track of the validity of your code moves to LEI Register™ and it ensures that the code is automatically renewed every year.

What is LEI transfer?

The opportunity to make an LEI transfer is open to all legal entities that hold an LEI Code. You may be wondering what an LEI transfer means. It means transferring/moving your LEI Code to another supplier. There are two major reasons a legal entity may want to transfer its LEI Code:

  • If you want to keep all your LEI Codes with the same supplier
  • If you are not pleased with the prices offered by the LOU you registered your LEI at.

If any of the above describes your situation, you can make a quick transfer to RapidLEI through us at LEI Certificate. It is important to note that even if you move your LEI code to another service provider, the code will not change. The transfer will take only 7 days if you choose to use our service.