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About LEI Certificate Canada

LEI Certificate Canada provides the chance for LEI number registration and renewal services for companies within the country, and at an affordable cost.
LEI Certificate Canada achieves this by marketing a service from LEI Register™, an LEI service provider.
They also happen to be a registered agent for a Local Operating Unit (LOU) known as RapidLEI – among the most rapidly expanding in Europe.

RapidLEI is licensed by GLEIF to provide LEI number registration and renewal.
With LEI Certificate Canada, you can be certain of an efficient and smooth process when registering an LEI code.
Partnered with LEI Register™, we provide the cheapest LEI number registration in Canada.

General information about LEI numbers

In 2014, a new regulation was introduced regarding companies that make transactions that have to do with securities such as stocks and bonds in transactional markets in Europe. This made it such that these companies had to register for a Legal Entity Identifier, or LEI number. This was based on the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), involving all legal entities, such as companies, trusts, and charities, that make transactions in Europe.

The LEI is a code based on the ISO 77442 standard, and it is specific to each legal entity. It is a 20-character alphanumeric code that allows each entity making a transaction to be easily identifiable by relevant bodies. In 2018, it became a requirement for all legal entities to have an LEI code, resulting in a healthier global financial market.


As of 2018, all legal entities that want to make any transaction involving securities are required to have an LEI number.

A security can be defined as a financial item that has been given value, and acts as proof that a holder has either ownership or debt. A security can mean that a person has an investment in an entity either as an owner, creditor, or someone with rights ownership. This includes things such as bonds, stocks, and options. 

Each LEI code is specific to a legal entity. When transactions are made in global financial markets, the LEI code is evident and can be used to find the entities that were involved in the transaction, making the market more transparent.

An entity is required to have a valid LEI number before they can make any transaction involving securities. A LEI number is only valid for one year after which it needs to be renewed. However, through LEI Certificate Canada, an LEI code can be registered for up to five years, with LEI Register™ ensuring successful renewal each year.

The cost of an LEI number registration varies depending on the service provider. With LEI Certificate, our LEI code registration is the cheapest in the country, with a five year registration costing only $79 per year.

Checking the validity of an LEI code can be done at GLEIF by searching the code on their website.

LEI numbers have to be validated from the GLEIF database during transactions. As long as the database is updated, which occurs at 2 PM every day, the LEI code will be valid.

GLEIF stands for Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation. This organization operates the LEI code system. They also monitor LEI service provides, of which LEI Register is one.

All information attached to your LEI number, including the code itself, is publicly accessible. This is what makes the LEI system transparent.

Using our registration form, applying for a code takes two minutes. Following that is the payment stage, which needs to be completed before the process can continue. Once the payment is successfully processed, the LEI code will be received in less than 24 hours.  

7 Out Media AB, a Swedish company, runs LEI Certificate. The LEI codes that are provided are done through LEI Register™.

Get an LEI number renewed in just 2 minutes

You can get your LEI number renewed in just 2 minutes by using our form here.
With LEI Certificate, you can choose to have the LEI code renewed for one, three, or five years.
With a five-year renewal, the cost per year is one of the best value deals available.
A five-year renewal comes to just $79 per year. You can also easily transfer an existing LEI code with LEI Certificate.

Who needs to have an LEI number?

Any legal entity that participates in financial transactions legally requires an LEI number. Anything considered an organization legally, such as a trust, charity, limited company, or association, is included in this regulation. The LEI code system ensures more transparency in global transactions.

Several directives in the EU and US make LEI codes a legal necessity. In the EU, these include EMIR, MiFIR, and MIFID II.

In which cases is an LEI code not required?

For a company that transacts with securities, an LEI code is usually needed. Without one, a company can be barred from making transactions in European markets. Despite this, some instances may not require an LEI number, such as when an entity has a capital insurance deposit as the entity is not the formal owner. In such a case, the insurance company owns the investment. However, if that same entity makes any other manner of transaction, they will need an LEI number.

You do not need an LEI code when dealing with shares or fund shares that are unlisted. They are also not necessary if the item being traded is a corporate certificate or a listed bond. It is also very important to note that an LEI code is not needed by a private individual trading securities.

LEI number registration/renewal prices

LEI 1 year
Register/renew (1 year)

$95 ($95/year)

LEI 3 years
Register/renew (3 years)

$255 ($85/year)

LEI 5 years
Register/renew (5 years)

$395 ($79/year)

Transfer LEI number between service providers

Different LEI service providers offer their LEI services at a variety of prices, some cheaper than others.
As a result, you may want to transfer your LEI number to a new provider. LEI Certificate offers some of the lowest prices for LEI number registration and renewal in Canada. Many people want to transfer and renew their code through our service due to this.
It is entirely possible and will take no longer than seven days to finalize.


The body that is responsible for the entire LEI system is the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation, abbreviated as GLEIF. The organization ensures that the LEI system is functional and updated as necessary, and also monitors Local Operating Units (LOUs), who are the accredited LEI publishers. GLEIF was founded in 2014, with their headquarters located in Switzerland. 

The Global LEI Index is the database that keeps track of all LEI numbers and this index is managed by the GLEIF. Their website has a search facility that can be used to find which entity is behind a specific LEI code. It can also be used to see whether a specific entity has an LEI code assigned to them.

GLEIF is the parent body in charge of the LEI system, but there are many other units which are accredited to function in connection with them. These are the Local Operating Units (LOUs) and all of them can be checked on the GLEIF website. In turn, a LOU has registration agents connected to them that allow entities to register LEI numbers. LEI Certificate supplies the LEI service from LEI Register™, a registration agent.

How does an LEI code work?

An LEI code is also known as an LEI number and it serves as an identifier for international entities that make financial transactions involving securities. It is a 20-character alphanumeric code, with each one specific to a particular legal entity. This code allows any bodies making securities transactions to be easily identified.

LEI codes are assigned by the GLEIF though registration for these numbers is done through LOUs and service providers under them. An LEI number follows a specific pattern, with the initial four digits identifying the LOU that the code originates from, followed by two zeroes (00). After these come a unique sequence of numbers specific to that business. The final two numbers are referred to as control numbers.