For all the questions that are commonly asked about LEI numbers, LEI registration, and LEI renewal, you will find the answers here. We answer the questions that are frequently asked, but for any questions that are not here, you can contact us at info@leicertificate.org, where we will be glad to answer you. For any questions specific to the LEI registration service, they should be directed to LEI Register™. For questions regarding our prices, the information is accessible in our LEI price list here at LEI Certificate.

What is an LEI number?

Who requires an LEI number?

Why does a business need an LEI?

Is my company’s LEI code public?

How do I register for an LEI?

What does LEI cost?

How long is the validity period of an LEI number?

Can I check my LEI number validity?

How can I get my LEI renewed?

How much does an LEI renewal cost?

How does renewal in multiple years work?

Which methods can I use to pay?

Can an LEI code be transferred?