For all the questions that are commonly asked about LEI numbers, LEI registration, and LEI renewal, you will find the answers here. We answer the questions that are frequently asked, but for any questions that are not here, you can contact us at info@leicertificate.org, where we will be glad to answer you. For any questions specific to the LEI registration service, they should be directed to LEI Register™. For questions regarding our prices, the information is accessible in our LEI price list here at LEI Certificate.

An LEI code or LEI number stands for Legal Entity Identifier. It is an alphanumeric code with 20 characters in it, with each code specific to only one business entity. The code is used to identify these entities when they make international securities transactions.

Any legal entity that trades in securities will require an LEI code.

Since each company has a different LEI code, it can be used by authority bodies to identify entities that are involved in securities transactions with one another. This makes it possible to track the entity involved in any deal. This helps to make the global financial market more transparent.

Yes. Anyone can enter your company’s information or your LEI to get more details on your LEI’s registration status and history. To be transparent, these codes have to be publicly available.

Registration can be done through a service provider and their Local Operating Unit (LOU). We offer LEI registration services, as well as LEI renewal, and our prices beat others.

Depending on the service provider you’re considering, LEI registration costs vary. Speaking for ourselves at LEI Certificate, here are our prices.

  • LEI 1 year – $95 ($95 per year)
  • LEI 3 year – $255 ($85 per year)
  • LEI 5 year – $395 ($79 per year)

All fees are including in these prices. The only additional fee that may be incurred is VAT.

An LEI number lasts for just one year. It needs to be renewed once every year to ensure it remains valid.

Through the GLEIF database, you can easily assess your LEI number validity by searching for your company or the LEI code itself.

LEI renewal can be completed through a service provider. Instead of making renewal an annual process, you can renew for up to five years with LEI Certificate Canada.

Our prices for LEI registration completely mirror those for LEI renewal. The price remains one of the cheapest, going as low as $79 every year + VAT.

An LEI code only lasts for a single year. If you want to renew the code for more than a year at a time, then by paying through a service such as ours at LEI Certificate, the service provider will take care of the annual renewals. This saves effort and time.

Registration and renewal of your LEI number cost the same amount, so here are the accepted payment platforms:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • PayPal

Yes. No matter how long you’ve been with that other service provider, a transfer is entirely possible. It will take less than seven days to complete, and it doesn’t cost anything – it is free. You can have a transfer and a renewal done simultaneously too.