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LEI code renewal

An LEI code will only work when it’s valid and that requires renewing it every year. If you operate a business that transacts in securities, LEI code renewal is essential.
The cheapest prices for LEI renewal are with us at LEI Certificate Canada.
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The $11 annual fee required by GLEIF is included, giving you one less thing to worry about.

What is behind the process of renewing an LEI number

An LEI code remains valid for only a year at a time, so all legal entities that deal in securities must renew it every year in order to make it valid to make transactions. This is essential for any business that wants to make a securities transaction. When the validity on an LEI code expires, it must be renewed, as a new LEI number cannot be applied for once one already exists for the entity. Once that LEI code has been assigned to your company, it cannot be changed either. Our site offers a service for renewing your LEI number.

If you don’t know when the validity on your LEI number runs out, a search on the GLEIF database will give the date for the next renewal. Every single LEI code is stored in this database. The database allows you to search for the details of any company’s LEI number registration using the name of the company or the LEI code itself. If an LEI code is no longer valid, it is not mandatory to renew it if you are no longer trading in securities, though if such transactions are a possibility in the future, it is best to keep it active.


How often does my LEI number need to be renewed?

If my LEI number has expired, what do I do?

Can an LEI number be renewed for more than one year at a time?

Which businesses need to renew their LEI number?

How much does an LEI code renewal cost?

LEI number validity

For any company or body that plans to continue making securities transactions, an active LEI number is required.
This code is active for only one year at a time, so an LEI code that is registered on the 3rd of January 2020 must be renewed before the 3rd of January 2021.
With our service at LEI Certificate Canada, you can have your LEI number renewed for up to five years at a time.
With this, you don’t need to worry about renewal each year. LEI Register™ will do that.

LEI transfer: what is it?

When a body has an LEI number assigned to them, they can do an LEI transfer. What this entails is moving the code from one service provider to another. The rationale for this might be to have all associated LEI numbers under the same provider, or to have access to better prices.

If you have any reservations with your current LEI provider, an LEI transfer to our service with RapidLEI can be done. The LEI code will remain the same even after switching to a new LOU. At LEI Certificate, an LEI transfer will take less than seven days to finalize.