Have an LEI number transfer in 2 minutes

Safe and easy LEI code transfer

The whole process of an LEI number transfer can take up to seven days to complete.
The good thing is that the code will still be active during this time, so you can make transactions without a worry.
We’ll take care of all the heavy lifting.

How does our LEI number transfer work?

Apply for LEI

Step 1: Complete our LEI transfer application

Fill out our LEI transfer application at no cost, or simultaneously transfer and renew your LEI


Step 2: Your application begins processing

LEI Register™ begins the process to transfer your LEI code, which will be finalized in seven days or less


Step 3: Your successful LEI transfer is confirmed

Once the transfer process is complete and your LEI number is with us, you will receive e-mail confirmation

Transfer your LEI code

Any company or organization that has an LEI code is allowed to transfer that code from one service provider to another.
This allows the company to get the quality of service that they desire from their service provider.
An LEI transfer is an entirely free process. One of the most common reasons behind transferring to a new service provider is to get more affordable prices.

Have your LEI number transferred for FREE

Here at LEI Certificate, you can have your LEI code transfer done for free. By switching to us, you can save up to 50% from what you spend with other providers, thanks to our cheap LEI renewal rates. Other LEI suppliers in Canada inflate their prices for registration and LEI renewal beyond reasonable limits and hide fees such as the annual GLEIF fee which you will need to pay on top of their exorbitant prices. We’re different at LEI Certificate. Our registration and renewal prices have no hidden fees as that annual fee is included right in the price you see.

Other LEI service providers tend to push the misconception that there is a universal price for LEI number processes in order to justify their high fees. That is not the case, as each service provider decides their charge on an LEI registration. The only cost that is constant is the $11 fee required by the GLEIF every year. Everything besides that is what the provider chooses to charge for their administrative processes. With this information in mind, it is clear that many providers charge way more than they should be. We’re not like that. We give you the chance to transfer your LEI to us for free in order to get better renewal prices. If that sounds good to you, simply use the LEI transfer form above to get the process started.


How can I start an LEI number transfer?

How many days does an LEI number transfer take?

How much does an LEI code transfer cost?

Why should I use LEI Certificate instead of others?

My LEI is not valid. Can I transfer and renew at the same time?

Save up to 50% over our competitors

Using our service at LEI Certificate Canada, your LEI registration can cost as much as half the price that you would be charged by competing services.
There’s no need for LEI services to drain your accounts so heavily. If you’re tired of paying so much, you should transfer to us for free.
Within seven days, the LEI transfer will be complete. We’d love to have you onboard.

What does our LEI transfer cost entail?

If you make the decision to simply transfer your LEI code from your old provider to LEI Register™, then it is 100% free of charge. However, we also provide the option to renew it as you transfer, in which case you will pay our renewal fee only. Whether you are registering for the first time or renewing your LEI, we offer the same price. You will never have to worry about hidden charges either, as all fees are included in the price you see. We can’t say the same for our competitors. The only cost that may be added to the price you see on our website is VAT.

Our prices for LEI services are among the best you can find. You will get the best value when you renew your LEI with us for five years at a time. If you decide to switch to us, you can have your LEI renewed for as low as $79 every year, plus VAT.