Privacy Policy

As the parent company of LEI Certificate, this privacy policy belongs to 7 Out Media and applies to this website. This privacy policy is subject to changes and updates at any point in the future. Any changes to the policy will be reflected on this page. By visiting, you are accepting the terms in this privacy policy and agreeing to the collection of the information stated therein.

Collection of information

Visiting this website results in the collection of some information about you, including your IP address, the browser being used to access the site, and geographical location. The use of our contact form will also result in the collection of your name and email address.


A cookie is a minute file that your computer stores when you visit a website. Cookies collect information on this website. When you allow cookies to be stored on your device, your experience on this website will be enhanced as cookies save language and other settings for the next visit. Cookies also assist with the analysis of visitor data on our site, allowing us to update the website for an improved experience.

There is no harm to your computer or identity by permitting cookies to be stored on your computer. However, you reserve the right to disable cookies in your browser settings.

Contact form

By filling your details into our contact form and submitting it, you allow us to collect your names and email addresses. This information will only be saved as required to resolve your enquiries or issues.

LEI registration form

Using the services on our website for LEI registration, renewal, or transfer, will not allow us to access any of the personal information that you enter into the forms. This information is passed directly on to LEI Register™, the agent that provides our LEI services, where it is stored and processed. If you have any questions concerning this, we refer you to their privacy policy and their terms and conditions.


We collect data from our visitors with the use of third-party cookies. LEI Certificate collects visitor behaviour data via Google Analytics, with IP address and geographical location also being shared with us. If you do not want Google Analytics to collect your behaviour data, you can choose to opt out via this link:

We also collect cookies through Google Ads and your personal information is used for ads personalisation. You can give your consent to this by visiting Google’s Privacy and Terms page.

Duration of information storage

All information collected and stored through Google Analytics will be kept for a 26-month period. Information gathered through our contact form will be stored only as long as it takes for your issue to be resolved.

Information sharing

Any personal information collected by us via this website is not shared with anyone else. We do not sell your personal information to any third party. By using our application form for LEI registration, your information will be accessed by LEI Register™, at which point their privacy policy applies.

Your rights

You reserve the legal right to request for any and all personal information that this website may have stored. You may contact us via if you wish to see the data that has been stored about you.

Contact us

7 Out Media is the parent company for LEI Certificate. You can reach us through email at, or you can visit our physical location at:

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