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About LEI Certificate UK

LEI Certificate offers UK companies the opportunity to register and renew LEI code at a favorable price. LEI Certificate UK markets a service from LEI Register™, who is an LEI service provider and a registered agent for RapidLEI. RapidLEI is one of the fastest growing LOU in Europe. This means that RapidLEI has a valid permit from GLEIF to offer registration and renewal of LEI codes. Because of this, you can trust that everything is handled correctly when you obtain an LEI code through LEI Certificate UK. Along with LEI Register™ we are proud to provide one of the cheapest LEI code registrations in the UK.

In general, about LEI code

Since 2014 there has been a requirement about LEI code (Legal Entity Identifier) for companies that make transactions in European transactional markets that involve any kind of securities or derivatives, such as stocks and bonds. The requirements are derived from the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) and include all legal entities that perform transactions. This includes all types of companies, associations, foundations and legends. LEI is a unique identification code based on the global ISO 17442 standard. The code consists of 20 characters and is an alphanumeric code that makes it possible for relevant authorities to uniquely identify companies and other legal entities making transactions. Since 2018, when all legal entities had to register for LEI codes, the global financial market has become more transparent and stable.


Who is required to have an LEI code?

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Renew LEI code in 2 minutes

By using the form here at LEI Certificate you can renew an existing LEI code in 2 minutes. You can choose to renew the LEI code for 1, 3 or 5 years. If you choose to renew your LEI code for 5 years, you’ll get it at one of the most favorable prices on the market.  The cost for a 5-year renewal is £35 per year. Through us here at LEI Certificate you can also transfer an existing LEI code.

Who is required to have an LEI code?

In general, an LEI code is needed by any legal entity who is involved with financial transactions. This includes a limited company, a trust, a charity, an association and anything else that is recognized as an organization by the law. The fact that legal entities are required by law to have LEI codes is in order to enhance transparency in the global financial ecosystem.

LEI codes are mandated by a number of EU directives, such as EMIR, MiFIR and MIFID II. The US also have similar requirements.

When LEI isn’t required

If your company trades in securities, an LEI code is in most cases required. If your company has no LEI number registered, you can be denied access to investments services to carry out transactions in the European financial markets. Nevertheless, there are situations where an LEI code is not necessary. This is the case, for example, when companies have a capital insurance deposit. In this case, no LEI code is required as it is not the company in question that stands as a formal owner. Instead, it’s the insurance company that is the owner of the investments. But if the company with the capital insurance deposit was to carry out any other types of securities transaction, an LEI code would be necessary.

Other occasions when an LEI code is not necessary are when trading unlisted shares or unlisted fund shares. LEI codes are also not required for trading listed bonds or corporate certificates. Furthermore, the requirement of the LEI code applies only to legal entities such as companies and organizations. So, if you trade in securities as a private individual, an LEI code is not required.

LEI code prices

Price for 1 year
Register/renewal 1 year

£45 (£45/year)

Price for 2 years
Register/renewal 3 years

£120 (£40/year)

Price for 5 years
Register/renewal 5 years

£175 (£35/year)

Transfer LEI code

Since the price varies between different LEI service providers, you may want to transfer your LEI code to another provider. As seen above, LEI Certificate offers some of the best prices in the UK (feel free to compare us to others). Because of this, you might want to transfer your LEI code and renew it through us. This is fully possible, and a transfer will take a maximum of 7 days to execute.


GLEIF or Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation is the international organization behind the LEI system. It is also the organization that is responsible for the system functioning and for monitoring the markets accredited publishers of LEI (LOU’s). GLEIF is based in Switzerland, and the organization was founded in 2014. The same year as the first LEI code requirements were introduced. 

At GLEIF you will find the Global LEI Index, which is a database of all existing LEI codes. On GLEIF’s website anyone can search for LEI numbers to find out which company or legal person is behind the number. At GLEIF you can also see if a company has an LEI code or not.

Although GLEIF alone is behind the LEI system, there are many connected accredited units. These are referred to as Local Operating Units or LOU. All units accredited by GLEIF are listed on the organization’s website. Each LOU also has connected registration agents that provide a service for registering LEI codes. LEI Register™, whose service we supply here at LEI Certificate, is one of those agents

How an LEI number works

An LEI number or LEI code is an alphanumeric code consisting of 20 characters. The code serves as an identification number for companies and organizations who are active in the financial market. With the LEI code system, transaction parties in the securities market can be identified and authorities can access information about the people behind the company.

LEI numbers are issued by GLEIF, while registration can be done both through LOU’s and other service providers. The LEI number structure is always the same, where the first four digits tell which LOU has issued the LEI code. The two following digits are always 00, two zeros. Then follows a unique combination of digits that will represent the company in question. Finally, the last two digits of the LEI number are control numbers.