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If you want to get in touch with us, you can use the contact form found below. You can also send us an email directly at For questions about ongoing LEI registration or matters related to your registration we refer you to the LEI Register™ which you reach at

    About LEI Certificate UK

    LEI Certificate is a website that aims to make it easier for companies and other legal entities to register LEI code. We provide a service for LEI registration that comes from LEI Register™. This is a service provider for the accredited LEI publisher RapidLEI. LEI Certificate itself is not a service provider or LOU, we merely market a service for LEI registration, LEI renewal and LEI transferal. LEI Certificate is owned and operated by the Swedish company 7 Out Media AB with organization number 559197-2335. 7 Out Media receives commission from LEI Register™ for each completed LEI registration.


    Our aim with LEI Certificate is to contribute with the best platform possible for LEI registration and renewal. We also strive to provide information to those who want to learn about LEI code and what it is for. Since we are not a service provider of LEI codes ourselves, we disclaim all responsibility regarding the registration, renewal and transferal of LEI codes. We also reserve the right for any typos or factual errors that may occur on the site.

    Nevertheless, our goal is to ensure that all information presented on the website is accurate and contribute to a better knowledge of LEI codes and LEI registration.

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