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About LEI Certificate Hong Kong

LEI Certificate is a multinational company that offers its services to a wide network of clients.
Companies from Hong Kong, Nepal, China, Thailand, South Korea, Macau and Taiwan can benefit from the high quality of service that we offer.
They can renew their LEI codes or apply for new at a very reasonable price.
LEI certificate offers the services of LEI Register™, which is a registered agent for RapidLEI who is among the fastest growing companies in Europe.
RapidLEI is licensed by GLEIF to renew and register LEI codes.
This means that every company that uses our services can be sure everything is done in the most correct manner. 

General information about LEI code

LEI code or Legal Entity Identifier is a fairly recent phenomenon. It was established as a must have back in 2014 for all companies that want to make transactions in the European markets with stocks and bonds or other types of securities. The EMIR (European market infrastructure regulation) imposed this as a requirement and according to the law every legal entity that wants to do business in Europe needs to have this code. The LEI code is a unique code based on the global ISO 17442 standard. It’s alphanumeric and consists of 20 characters and it’s what allows the authorities to recognize every legal entity on the market. It’s what makes the European market more stable and transparent ever since 2018.


Who needs to have a LEI code?

What are securities?

Why do we need LEI codes?

How often will I have to renew my LEI code?

What’s the price for LEI code registration?

Is there a way to check if my LEI code is valid?

How long does is take for my code to become valid?

What is GLEIF?

Can everyone find my LEI number?

Does the registration process take up a lot of time?

Who runs LEI Certificate?

You can now renew your LEI code in just 2 minutes

All you need to do is fill out the form and you will renew your LEI code in less than 2 minutes.
You have 3 options: to renew it for 1 year, 3 years or 5 years.
The cheapest option is the 5-years one and if you opt for this, you’ll have the best price for LEI code renewal on the market.
The 5-year package only costs 500 HK$/year.

Is your company required to have a LEI code?

This depends entirely on the type of transactions your company does. If you’re a legal entity that trades in securities, you definitely need a LEI code. If you’re a charity, a limited company, a trust, an association or any other form of organization that does business in the European market you need a LEI code. LEI codes serve one purpose and that it to make the global financial ecosystem completely transparent and to make sure that everything is done by the law. LEI codes are regulated by a number of EU directives and it’s a similar requirement in the US as well.

Here’s who doesn’t need a LEI code

As we already mentioned before all legal entities that trade with securities need a LEI code to do business in the European markets. If you don’t have a LEI code registered, you will not be allowed to trade on the market. However, there are some instances in which a company doesn’t require a LEI code. If your company has a capital insurance deposit you don’t need a LEI number. This is so because your company is not the formal owner of the investments, rather it’s the insurance company. Also, if a company trades with unlisted shares and fund shares, it doesn’t need a LEI number. Or if a company trades with listed bonds or corporate certificates it also doesn’t need a LEI code. And lastly, a LEI code is only required for legal entities. If you’re a private entity and trade in securities you don’t need a LEI code.

LEI code prices

LEI 1 year
LEI 1 year

690 HK$ (690 HK$/year)

LEI 3 years
LEI 3 years

1600 HK$ (533 HK$/year)

LEI 5 years
LEI 5 years

2500 HK$ (500 HK$/year)

How to transfer your LEI code from another provider

Every provider dictates its own prices for LEI code registration or renewal.
If you saw our prices and you’re not registered with us you probably want to change your provider.
Yes, our prices are the cheapest in Hong Kong and beyond and yes you can benefit from them as well.
The transfer process is quite simple and easy and you can do it whenever you want.
It will take up to 7 days for the transfer to be completed.


We mentioned before that GLEIF is the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation. It’s the organization responsible for the LEI code system. It monitors all the registrations and renewals and makes sure everything runs smoothly. GLEIF is an international organization that is located in Switzerland and was founded in 2014. This is also the year when the requirements for the LEI codes were introduced.

GLEIF contains the Global LEI index, a database of every existing LEI number. You can go on their website and search for a LEI number and find out which company has that number. This information is available to anyone as it’s public. You can also check to see if a company has a LEI number or not on their website.

LEI numbers and their function

A LEI number is an alphanumeric code that’s consisted of 20 characters. It serves the sole purpose to enable the authorities to identify a company based on its LEI code. It makes up for a more transparent and smoother operation of the global market. It enables complete transparency and offers the authorities information about who’s running a certain company that trades on the market.

GLEIF is the organization that issues the LEI numbers but a company can register for its LEI code through various providers. Every LEI number has the same structure: the first 4 numbers tell you who issued the LEI code. The next two numbers are always two zeros, and then the rest of the numbers are a unique combination of numbers for every company. And the last two numbers are control numbers.