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LEI Certificate helps organizations and companies from Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Macau, China, and Nepal
to renew their LEI code in a manner of minutes. We are the fastest LEI registration agent on the market
and we’re also offer the cheapest LEI transfer and renewal service.

How to renew your LEI code

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Pay to validate
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Confirmation of LEI renewal
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LEI code renewal

The unique LEI code is renewed every year so it can be valid. Its renewal is necessary so organizations and companies that deal with security can continue working.
LEI certificate will renew your code cheaply and you can choose to renew it annually or over a period of 3 or 5 years.
Renew your LEI code for 5 years and you’ll pay a discounted price of 2,500 HK$.
This includes all fees including the GLEIF annual fee.

How does the renewal work?

The LEI code (Legal Entity Identifier) code is a unique string of numbers that’s only valid for a limited period. In order for legal entities to continue working and be valid, they must renew it every year. As mentioned, the code can be renewed for 3 or 5 years with a discount. The renewal is obligatory and a must for legal entities that want to continue to make transactions in the securities market.

Once expired, a company or organization can’t apply for a new code. The expired code can only be used again if its renewed. Our site offers those services. You can apply for an LEI via our site or use it to renew it for a year or more. Once assigned, the LEI code can’t be changed. It’s only valid for the company or organization that it has been assigned to.

If you’re not sure when your code expires, don’t worry – a simple database search at GLEIF can help. You can look for your code by company name or enter the unique string of numbers that have been assigned to your company. The database contains all the Legal Entity Identifier codes. If your company has a LEI code that’s no longer active, you’re not obligated to renew it. However, it is a necessary move if you’d like to participate in securities trading in the future.


When should I renew my LEI code?

What to do when the code is expired?

Can the LEI code be renewed for multiple years?

Which companies or organizations must renew their LEI code?

How much does it cost to renew the LEI code?

LEI code validity

If you want to stay active in securities trading with your company or organization, your Legal Entity Identifier code must stay active.
The LEI is only active for 12 months after which it expires. Once that happens, you must renew your LEI code.
Here at LEI certificate, we allow you to renew your code for a maximum of 5 years.
Instead of you keeping track of the code’s validity, LEI Register™ will handle things for you.

What’s LEI transfer?

Every legal entity that has the code can make a LEI transfer legally. This transfer means that you can move your LEI code to another supplier. While that does not sound legal, the reason for this is that you may want your LEI codes to lie with the same supplier or that you’re not happy about the LEI code registration prices at your current registration agent.

There’s nothing wrong with not being happy with your LEI service provider. If you want to shake things up a bit, you can transfer your LEI code to RapidLEI via LEI Certificate. When moved, the actual string of numbers won’t change. The transfer is very simple and will be completed within a week.