Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of 7 Out Media that applies to LEI Certificate Hong Kong. It can be a subject of change or update at any time. Any change that’s made will be included in this privacy policy. If you visit this site you’re granting your permission for us to collect the information we state in the privacy policy.

Information collected

Whenever someone visits our site we collect information about them. This information includes the IP number, the type of browser used and the geographic location of the person visiting our website. If you try to contact us through our contact form, we will have access to your e-mail and your name.


This site uses cookies to collect information. A cookie is a small datafile that’s stored on your computer every time you visit a website. If you allow cookies on our website you will get a better user experience because cookies can save all your site preferences (like language etc.) for your next visit. We also use cookies to analyze our visitors and make the appropriate adjustments to our website for a better user experience.

If you allow cookies on our website, no harm will come to your computer nor will it violate your privacy. However, if you don’t want to use cookies you can go to the settings page on your browser and turn them off.

Contact form

You can contact us through our contact form. Contacting us through this form will allow us to collect your name and email and store it on our servers. Your information will only be stored until we resolve your request.

LEI registration form

If you use our services for registration, renewal or transfer of LEI code we won’t have access to your personal information. The information you enter in the form is sent directly to LEI Register™, the service provider we use, and that’s where the data is saved and stored. If you have any further questions on this topic you should read their privacy policy and their terms and conditions.


LEI Certificate uses third-party cookies to collect information from its visitors. We collect the information on visitor behaviour through Google Analytics. When you visit our site you share your IP number and geo location with us. If you prefer your information not to be collected by Google Analytics you should change your settings and deny access here:

We also collect cookies through Google Ads and your personal information is used for ads personalisation. You can give your consent to this by visiting Google’s Privacy and Terms page.

How long is your information stored?

Every piece of information collected by Google Analytics is stored on our servers for 26 months. The information you enter via the contact form is stored on our servers until we resolve your request.

Information sharing

The information we collect is not shared with anyone. We don’t sell the information we collect on our website. The information you enter when registering for LEI code is sent to LEI Register™ and for this information you’ll have to see their privacy policy.

Your rights

It is within your rights be the law to request access to any and all information we’ve got stored for you. If you want to see the information we have collected and stored about you, just contact us by sending an e-mail to


7 Out Media is the publisher company for LEI Certificate. If you want to contact us you can send us an e-mail to You can also visit our offices; we’re located at:

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