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LEI Certificate offers Indian companies the chance to register and renew their LEI code at the best possible price.
LEI Certificate India provides this service through an LEI service provider and registered agent for RapidLEI, LEI Register™.
RapidLEI has a valid permit from GLEIF to register and renew LEI codes and it is one of the fastest growing Local Operating Units (LOU) in Europe.
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General information about LEI code

Since the year 2014, companies involved in transactions of securities or derivatives (such as shares and bonds) in European transactional markets need to have an LEI code (Legal Entity Identifier). These requirements are part of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), and it is mandatory for all legal organizations interested in performing such transactions. Legal entities or organizations include companies, trusts, charities or any other body recognized by law.

An LEI is a unique identification code based on the global ISO 17442 standard. This is a 20 characters long alphanumeric code, which helps the relevant authorities to identify any legal body involved in making transactions in the securities market. Since the year 2018, it has become compulsory for all legal bodies to register their LEI codes and it has made the global financial market more transparent and stable.


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If you would like to renew your existing LEI code, just spend 2 minutes of your time in filling our form.
You can renew your LEI code for 1, 3, or 5 years. If you renew your LEI code with us for 5 years, you can do so at the lowest possible price.
For a 5-year renewal, you will just need to spend ₹3380 per year.
If your LEI code is registered with another agent, you can use the LEI code transfer services available at LEI Certificate.

Who needs an LEI code?

Any legal entity can only participate in financial transactions if they have a valid LEI code. A legal entity or body includes limited companies, trusts, charities, associations or any other entity recognized as a legal organization by law. LEI codes have been made mandatory for all legal entities involved in financial transactions to improve transparency in the global financial markets.

LEI codes are mandated by a number of EU directives, such as EMIR, MiFIR and MIFID II. The US also has similar requirements.

When do you not need an LEI code

If your company is involved in buying or selling securities, you need to have a valid LEI code. Without a valid LEI number, your organization may be prohibited from carrying out transactions in European financial markets.

In certain cases you may not need an LEI code. For example, if your company has a capital insurance deposit, the insurance company is the formal owner of the investment and not your company. In this case, your company doesn’t require an LEI code. However, if your company decides to carry out direct transactions in the securities market, you will need a registered LEI code.

While trading unlisted shares or fund shares, your do not an LEI code. You also don’t need to register for an LEI code, if you are involved in trading listed bonds or corporate certificates.

Besides this, please note that registering for an LEI code is mandatory for companies and organizations interested in carrying out financial transactions, but not for private individuals. So, if you are an individual and would like to buy or sell securities, you will not need an LEI code.

LEI code prices

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Different LEI service providers offer different rates for the registration or renewal of LEI codes.
If you compare our rates with that of other service providers, you will realize that LEI Certificate offers the cheapest possible prices for LEI registration and renewal in India.
If you would like to save some money, you can transfer your LEI code to us for renewal.
This can be easily done and it takes a maximum of 7 days to complete the process.


GLEIF or Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation is the international organization responsible for operating the LEI system. GLEIF also ensures proper system functioning and monitors the accredited publishers of LEI (LOU) operating in the market. GLEIF is based in Switzerland, and the organization was founded in 2014, the same year when LEI codes were introduced.

If you visit the GLEIF website, you will find the Global LEI Index. This is the database of all LEI codes. If you wish to identify a company based on their LEI code, all you need to do is just enter the number, press search, and the name of the legal entity linked to the code will appear before you. You can also search using a company name and find out if it holds a valid LEI code or not. 

GLEIF runs the LEI system; however, many accredited units are also connected to it. These are known as Local Operating Units or LOUs. All LOUs accredited by GLEIF are listed on its website.

Each LOU has different registration agents, who provide LEI code registration services. LEI Register™ is one of these registration agents. At LEI Certificate, we provide our services through LEI Register™.

How does an LEI number work

A LEI number, also known as LEI code, is a 20 characters long alphanumeric code. The code is linked to a legal entity, such as companies, charities, organization or any other unit recognized as a legal body by law. The LEI code system helps the authorities to track and identify parties transacting in the securities market and provides easy access to information about the company and people linked to the specific LEI number.   

GLEIF is the organization issuing these LEI numbers. You can register LEI codes through LOUs and other service providers. The LEI number structure remains the same for all legal entities. The first four digits refer to the LOU issuing the code. This is followed by two zeros. The next 12 characters represent the company to which the code has been issued. The last two digits are control numbers.