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Smooth and secure transfer of LEI codes

You can choose to transfer your LEI code to us. The whole process will be completed within 7 days of submitting your application.
Your LEI code will remain active during this period, so you can continue trading in the securities market.
Just submit your application in 2 minutes and we will take care of the rest!

How to transfer your LEI

Apply for LEI

Apply for your LEI transfer

Apply for your LEI transfer (FREE) or choose to both transfer and renew your LEI code

Pay for LEI code

Your application is processed

LEI Register™will process your application and transfer your LEI number. The whole process will be completed within 7 days

LEI validation

Confirmation of transfer

Once your LEI number is transferred to us, you will receive a confirmation to your email address

Transfer your LEI number to us

If you are a LEI code holder and would like to move your LEI number from your current service provider to another, you are free to do so. 
If you are not happy with your current service provider or feel that you are getting a better deal somewhere else in terms of service quality and cost, you can transfer your LEI code. There is no charge for the transfer.

Transfer your LEI for FREE

You can transfer your LEI code for free to us at LEI Certificate. If you already have an LEI number, but its registered with another service provider, just take a look at how much money you can save by transferring to us. You will definitely save up to 50% if switch to us. The transfer process is completely free of charge as well. Some leading services providers in India charge way too much money for LEI registration and renewal. But that’s not all; the GLEIF fee is added on top of the service provider’s charges.

This is not the case here at LEI Certificate. The prices you see displayed for registration and renewal on our website include all charges. There are no additional fees.

Many people think that all service providers charge the same amount of money for registering or renewing LEI numbers. But this is not true. Each service provider has a different charge for LEI registration and renewal. There is just one cost which remains the same across all service providers — this is the $11 GLEIF fee.

The rest of the charges are decided by the service provider. Once you understand this, you are able to realize that many providers in the market are overcharging you for their service. But at LEI Certificate, this is not the case. Just compare our charges with that of your current service provider and you will realize how much you can save with us. If you would like to renew your LEI code at reasonable prices, just use the form above to apply for an LEI transfer and save money!


How can I transfer my LEI?

How long does it take for LEI transfer?

Does it cost anything to transfer LEI?

Why should I choose LEI Certificate?

Can I renew LEI as I transfer it?

We are 50% cheaper than other LEI service providers

At LEI Certificate, we charge 50% less than other service providers. If you would like to stop paying huge amounts of money for renewing your LEI code, just apply for a transfer using the form above and move your number to us.
The transfer process will be complete within 7 days and you don’t have to pay anything for this.

What is included in the cost?

If you would like to transfer your LEI number to LEI Register™, you don’t have to pay anything. The process is completely free of cost. But if you would like to transfer and renew your LEI code, you will need to pay the renewal cost. At LEI Certificate, the cost of LEI registration and renewal is the same.

Other service providers often add the $11 GLEIF fee to their charges. But this is not the case here. Our pricing is completely transparent. You pay what you see. When you renew your LEI code with us, all extra charges, including the GLEIF fee, are included. The only thing added to the displayed charges is VAT.

We provide the cheapest service in the LEI market. If you renew your LEI code for 5 years with us, you can save the most money. Just transfer your LEI number to us, apply for renewal for up to 5 years, and it will just cost you ₹3380 + VAT per year.