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Our site offers the opportunity to register and renew LEI code at a favorable price to US companies and organizations. We use the service from LEI service provider LEI Register™, who is a registered agent for RapidLEI. RapidLEI are validated by GLEIF to offer LEI registration and LEI renewal. We are very proud to offer LEI code to one of the best prices on the US market along with LEI Register™.

LEI code in general

An LEI, or Legal Entity Identifier, is required for companies that makes transactions in the securities market. The requirement came into play in 2014 and include all legal entities that perform transactions in financial markets. An LEI code consists of 20 characters and is based on the global ISO 17442 standard. The alphanumeric code helps relevant authorities to identify entities who perform transactions and means that the global financial market stays transparent.


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2 minutes to renew LEI code

We offer a quick and easy application form for registration and renewal of LEI codes. You can renew LEI for 1, 3 or 5 years at a time. The most favorable price is offered if you choose to renew for 5 years, at a charge of only $50 + VAT per year.  You can also transfer existing LEI codes to us in order to get the best price on the US market!

For who is LEI code required?

The short answer is that an LEI code is required for any legal entity involved with financial transactions. This includes limited companies, trusts, charities or any other organizations that are recognized as such by law.

The reason behind the requirement is to make the global financial ecosystem as transparent as possible.

When is there no requirement for LEI code?

The standard is that LEI code is required or all legal entities who trade in securities. A company without an LEI code can be denied carrying out transactions in the global financial market. There are however some exceptions to this rule. One of those are made for companies with a capital insurance deposit. The reason for this is that the companies are not the formal owner, since the insurance company owns the investments. However, if the company was to make other transactions in the securities market – an LEI would be required.

LEI codes are also not necessary for trades with unlisted shares or unlisted fund shares. The same goes for trading in listed bonds or corporate certificates. Another rule is that private individuals don’t need to have an LEI code in order to trade in securities, this only goes for companies or other legal entities.

LEI code prices

LEI 1 year
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$65 ($65/year)

LEI 3 years
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$165 ($55/year)

LEI 5 years
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$250 ($50/year)

LEI code transfer

Since LEI code providers are free to set their own prices, you might want to change service provider for your LEI code. We offer some of the best prices available on the US market (feel free to compare us to other providers!). If you wish to transfer your existing LEI to us, you can do this free of charge. A transfer will be processed within 7 days, and you can also renew your LEI at the same time!


The international organization behind the LEI system is called GLEIF, Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation. They are responsible for the functionality of the system and for monitoring LEI service providers (LOU’s).

The Global LEI Index also lies with GLEIF, and is the database of all existing LEI codes. In the database, you can search for a code and find out who is behind it. The database is also a tool to find out whether a company possesses LEI code or not.

Even though GLEIF is behind the LEI system, there are plenty of other units connected to the system. These are the LEI code service providers, also known as Local Operating Units, LOU. A LOU can also have a number of connected registration agents, such as LEI Register™ who offer the service marketed on this site. All accredited LOU’s are listed at GLEIF.

How LEI codes work

LEI codes are 20 character long alphanumeric codes. All codes are unique and connected to a single company or organization, which makes them work as identification numbers. The LEI code system makes it easy to access information about the companies performing transactions on the financial market and leads to a transparent system.

GLEIF is the organization that issue LEI numbers, but LEI registration can be done through LOU’s or other LEI service providers. A LEI code starts with four digits that identifies which LOU has issued the code. The following two digits are always two zeros, and then follows a unique combination of 12 digits. These digits are representative for the company connected to the LEI code. Finally, the LEI code ends with two control digits.