In our FAQ, we answer the most common questions we get about LEI code registration, LEI renewal and LEI transfer. If you have questions that regard the LEI registration service that we market on this site, we refer you to LEI Register™. For any other inquiries, you can contact us at help@leicertificate.org. Our prices can be found in a separate price list on the site.

What is LEI code?

LEI codes, or Legal Entity Identifiers, consists of unique 20-digit codes. All codes are connected to a certain company and help identify legal entities making transactions in the securities market.

Who is required to have LEI?

All legal entities, which can be companies or organizations, trading in securities needs to have a valid LEI.

Why is LEI needed?

The point of the LEI code system is to make the global financial market as transparent as possible. With LEI codes, all transactions can be connected to a certain company or organization.

Can a LEI code be kept private?

No. All LEI codes and the connected information is public. Transparency is the whole point of the system, and all information can be found in the GLEIF database.

How can I register an LEI code?

LEI codes are issued by service providers connected to LOU’s, Local Operation Units. By filling in our application form, you can register for LEI code from Register™ in less than two minutes.

For how long is a LEI code valid?

An LEI code is valid for one year. After that, you are required to renew your LEI in order for it to stay active.

Can I control the validity of my LEI code?

Yes, you can control the validity of your LEI code by searching your company name or LEI number in the GLEIF database.

How do I renew LEI?

You can renew your LEI through a LEI service provider. Here at LEI Certificate you can renew your LEI code for up to 5 years at a time.

What is the price of LEI renewal?

Here at LEI Certificate US, the same price is charged for both registration and renewal. You can renew LEI code with us for as little as $59 a year + VAT.

How does renewal for multiple years work?

Our service where you can renew LEI for several years is made to be comfortable for you. We will make sure that your LEI code is automatically renewed annually, so you won’t have to worry about it yourself.

Which payment methods can be used?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • PayPal

Are LEI codes transferrable?

Yes! You can move an existing LEI code to us, for free. Apply for a LEI transfer using our form, and the transfer will be completed within 7 days.