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All companies and legal entities worldwide can use our fast and cheap renewal service.

Our LEI registration and renewal service is not restricted to US companies and legal entities. If you are a resident in another country you can easily pick the right country in the application form below.

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LEI code renewal

Your LEI code needs to be renewed every year in order to be valid, and renewal is necessary for all companies and legal entities who wish to continue to deal in securities. We provide a LEI renewal service at one of the lowest rates available. All of our rates include the $11 annual fee from GLEIF, and you can choose to renew your LEI code for up to five years in order to get the best price. A LEI renewal valid for 5 years will only cost you $50 + VAT each year.

How to renew LEI code

Renewing LEI code is crucial for all legal entities who wants to keep make transactions in the securities market. LEI codes are only valid for a limited period of time and needs to be renewed each year in order to be valid. A LEI code is directly connected to a company, and a company that has been assigned a code cannot change it. This is why LEI codes needs to be renewed, and not replaced.

LEI code renewal can be processed through the services provided at our site. If you don’t know when your LEI code will expire, you can search for your company name or your alphanumeric code in the GLEIF database. The database contains a list of all Legal Entity Identifiers that has been assigned to a company or organization. A company needs to have an active LEI code for as long as they are active in the securities market. But if a company was to leave the securities market, there is no requirement to renew the LEI code anymore.


When does a LEI code need renewal?

What do I do with an expired LEI code?

Can LEI be renewed for multiple years?

Who needs to renew LEI?

How much does LEI renewal cost?

LEI code validity

If a company or organization wants to stay in the securities market, they must have an active LEI connected to them. LEI codes are issued for one year at a time, which means that they need to be renewed annually. Here at LEI Certificate you can however renew LEI for up to 5 years at a time, and LEI Register™ will keep the LEI code valid for you. This way, you don’t have to keep track of when your LEI code expires.

What does LEI transfer mean?

LEI codes are issued by different service providers. LEI transfer simply means that you move your LEI code from one service provider to another. The reason behind a transfer could be that you’re not happy with the prices, or that you want several LEI codes collected at the same supplier.

Through us you can transfer your LEI code to RapidLEI, if you’re not happy with your current provider. Making a transfer will not change your LEI code, the code is strictly connected to your company name and cannot be changed. A transfer through our service will be completed within 7 days.